Our Technology



Our Technology

Patrona Medical, Inc. has developed a patent pending wireless device to detect the early onset presence of a Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) catheter Assisted Urinary Tract Infection. 


Foley Garde

Patrona Medical’s new device “Foley Garde” comes in two configurations, wireless and a non-wireless model.  The Foley Garde monitors the patient’s urine stream, as urine flows from the patient’s bladder via a Foley catheter the urine saturates a disposable urine filter.  The filter is designed to change colors if nitrite and leukocytes are detected in the urine.  A patented high-resolution sensor array monitors these color variations and calculates a numeric value a color frequency.  This data is compared to a proprietary database.  The Foley Garde transmits alerts and messages to the healthcare staff over a cellular, wireless or directly to the device display screen.

Our Competitive Advantage:

Alhough the Foley Garde competes in a space dominated by well-established urology giants, the current product line does not address the prevention of the infection.  The concentration on technology advancement has focused on Foley catheter design.  Manufactures have tried improvements in materials Teflon and Hydrogel.  Antiseptic and antibiotic coatings have been attempted and results are mixed at best.  Patrona Medical has taken a much different approach to the problem.  The Foley Garde monitors the patient’s urine stream for the presence of bacteria, then transmits an alert to staff allowing time for intervention long before the bacteria reach infectious levels.

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